Philippe Riboton

“My mission is simple: I help exceptional people and vibrant firms connect – and achieve
great things together.”

Philippe Riboton
Managing Director, HR Partners International Executive Search

Connecting Passions

As both a journalist and then as a serial entrepreneur it has been my life’s journey to understand both exceptional leaders and what motivates them and international organizations and what drives them. Twenty five years of sourcing international talent have given me an almost instinctive feel for creating the match between the most significant aspirations of senior executives and the most vital needs of businesses. Identifying, approaching, flying in, interviewing, listening, engaging, checking, negotiating, contracting, flying out. I am with you every step of the way.

My mission is simple: I help exceptional people and vibrant firms connect – and achieve great things together. This is my life’s work. Connecting people and connecting passions. The nature of my work is personal; the currency of my business is trust. Whether you’re a firm looking for a pivotal hire or an executive looking for your dream role you can count on my absolute discretion at all times.

When you’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s talk.

Philippe Riboton

The International Headhunter

A journalist educated in political sciences, a serial entrepreneur and an international headhunter, Philippe Riboton’s career has given him hands-on experience in recruiting people and running businesses. As a journalist Mr Riboton conducted extensive interviews with arts and entertainment personalities. His ability then to get under the skin of interviewees honed his instincts for uncovering what motivates and engages people – instincts he now brings to bear when understanding the values and motivations that drive senior international business executives. The 1990s saw Mr Riboton’s move into serial entrepreneurship. He started and developed several businesses, among them in publishing and recruitment – gaining front-line exposure to most components of taking a business from start-up to a structured organization.

Having served for 12 years as Publisher of The Prague Tribune as well as 10 years as the Managing Director of Synergie Recruitment, he also knows first-hand the challenges and the intricacies of recruiting, motivating and managing people.

In 2006 Mr Riboton created HR Partners Executive Search and made executive recruitment his full-time mission. He works at the cutting edge of his clients’ businesses attracting and contracting dozens of top flight personnel for companies across borders everywhere in Europe. Although born, raised and educated in France, Mr Riboton’s home for the last 30 years has been ‘Europe’. Commuting weekly from one European country to another means every city has become his office, a familiar place to work.

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Philippe Riboton

Photo: Tomáš Krist (Lidove Noviny)