Retail & e-Commerce

A revolution in consumer habits, a massive shift towards omni-channel retailing: the face of retail is changing dramatically. We’re proud to have assisted leading retail chains – including online retailers – in their expansion or their transformation: specialty stores, pharmacy/health, grocery or general merchandise to name a few.

Specifically, to thrive in this fast-changing world the retail and e-commerce industry must find motivated, internationally minded professionals – and we’ve helped the sector find the very best:

We understand the new skill sets required in the new era of online retailing.


Across Retail and e-Commerce, Fashion and Luxury, Beauty and Cosmetics, Travel and Hospitality, Real Estate and Financial Services, HR Partners connects passionate, international executives with the most ambitious and forward-thinking firms. Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Istanbul, London, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Vienna, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki, Vilnius… Wherever you are, we go there too.