Travel & Hospitality

Technology has revolutionized the travel, hospitality and leisure industry, entirely changing the way consumers and firms interact. This creates completely new professional roles across the entire sector – alongside the vital “traditional” professionals. We help the travel and hospitality sector locate such talent. Specifically, we find and facilitate the hiring of exceptional:

Wherever they are in the world, we know how to find them.


Across Retail and e-Commerce, Fashion and Luxury, Beauty and Cosmetics, Travel and Hospitality, Real Estate and Financial Services, HR Partners connects passionate, international executives with the most ambitious and forward-thinking firms. Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Istanbul, London, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Vienna, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki, Vilnius… Wherever you are, we go there too.