The HR Partners’ CEO Roundtable in Prague on Women in Tech with Andrea Lauren, Hana Kvartova, Laureen Höllge, Jana Vecerkova and Gabriela Takacova

The tech sector has long lagged other industries when it comes to the representation of women in leadership roles. So how do we change the numbers on the top? In order to answer this question we invited five of the most influential women leaders from the tech sector in Central Europe on September 6th for an inspiring roundtable discussion at the Mozart Hotel in Prague. We were extremely pleased to welcome Andrea Lauren, Investment Partner at Rockaway Capital and General Partner at Rockaway Ventures Fund, Hana Kvartova, Regional Director for Central Europe of SASLaureen Höllge, COO of the investment platform FondeeJana Vecerkova, Director and Founder of Data4You and BrikkApp and Gabriela Takacova, Chief Business Officer of Recombee AI powered recommendation engine. All panelists agreed: the reality of gender equality in leadership in the tech sector is worst than its image. Retention gap, promotion gap, pay gap: numbers are not changing quickly enough. The struggle for women in leadership continues.