Finished at 50? Are you kidding me?

by Philippe Riboton, Managing Partner at HR Partners International Executive Search

Recent American statistics show that there is a hot job market in the US for workers over 50. Interesting illustration: Bloomberg recently reported that fast food restaurants across the US are starting to hire senior citizens instead of teenagers (recruiters working in those industries apparently say that older workers usually have a leg up on teenagers when it comes to softer skills).

So what the hell do millennials want at work?

By Philippe Riboton, Managing Partner at HR Partners International Executive Search

It’s widely recognized that Central Europe’s job market is a very competitive one. While it is undoubtedly good news that unemployment across the region is at its lowest the less comfortable flipside of this is that the volatility of personnel in some Central European cities such as Prague or Warsaw is reaching madness.

The CEO Roundtable on Branding and Innovation with Gilles Bérouard and Paolo Lanzarotti

Philippe Riboton, Paolo Lanzarotti and Gilles Bérouard

HR Partners’ roundtables offer an exceptional meeting of minds. On December 7th, 2018 we organized in Prague a face-to-face discussion on branding and innovation with Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO of Asahi Europe, one of the largest worldwide brewery companies, and Gilles Bérouard, Global Chief Executive Officer at Hercules and CEO at Havas advertising group for the Czech Republic.

The CEO Roundtable on Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Michal Zamec, Kamil Vacek, Boyan Neytchev and Jean-François Ott

Boyan Neytchev, Michal Zamec and Philippe Riboton

HR Partners hosts exclusive CEO roundtables that offer senior leaders of international companies the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

On September 27th 2018 we held our Entrepreneurship and Leadership Roundtable in Prague.