The CEO Roundtable on Digital Leadership with Zuzana Reznickova, Kamil Cermak, Miroslav Kubricht and Elias Drakopoulos

Miroslav Kubricht, Zuzana Reznickova and Elias Drakopoulos

HR Partners’ roundtables provide international leaders from very different industries a unique opportunity to discuss common challenges and to exchange managerial experiences. On April 4th, 2019 we hosted our roundtable on Digital Leadership in Prague and were delighted to welcome Zuzana Reznickova, CEO of Luxury Brand Management and BM Management, Kamil Čermák, Chairman and CEO of CEZ ESCO, Elias Drakopoulos, Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Business Lease and Miroslav Kubricht, Managing Director for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary at Yves Rocher. A very inspiring moment for our guests to discuss the growing digitization of their companies’ offer to individual and corporate customers.