VivaTech 2021: Real Talk with Freek van Welsenis, Co-Founder of Hable One

Making the world more accessible for blind individuals by offering the smallest braille keyboard for every smartphone, both IOS and Android. This is the extraordinary mission of the founders of Hable, a Dutch start-up founded by Ayushman Talwar and Freek van Welsenis. On the occasion of VivaTech 2021, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, which took place in Paris recently, I met with Freek and we discussed this extraordinary venture.

The HR Partners’ CEO Roundtable on the impact of Covid-19 – with Clare Sheils, Lenka Kopecka, Radka Dohnalova, Ioana Stanley and Dagmar Plevacova

HR Partners’ CEO roundtables offer a unique opportunity for business leaders to connect and exchange ideas about the ever-changing world of work. On Thursday June 24, 2021 we hosted at the Smetana Hotel in Prague a new “Power Women Meeting” with five leading figures from the Czech business scene.

VivaTech 2021: real talk with Quentin Lechemia, co-founder of Caption

How can startups  align the interests of employees with the interests of shareholders? On the occasion of VivaTech 2021, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event – which took place recently in Paris – I have put this question to Quentin Lechemia, the co-founder of Caption, the first private stock exchange for startup companies in France.