The HR Partners’ CEO Roundtable in Warsaw with Dagmara Brzezinska, Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyzak, Agnieszka Isa, Sylwia Bilska and Magdalena Bezulska

A lot of talk but little action? Decades into the fight for gender equality, what is holding back greater change? We have decided to delve into the case of Poland, a country ranked 60th out of 146th in the last Global Gender Gap Survey produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF). In order to discuss why is it many CEE countries still struggle to narrow gender disparities in leadership positions and what can be done in order to create pathways for women’s leadership, we have invited on March 28th five leading figures of the Polish business scene at the Regina Hotel in Warsaw for a new HR Partners’ CEO Roundtable. An impressive panel – moderated by our Managing Director Philippe Riboton – featuring Dagmara Brzezinska, Vice President of Sales at Inpost and Member of the Board, Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyzak, Vice President Group Strategy, M&A and Corporate Development at Allegro, Agnieszka Isa, General Manager of Avon Poland, Sylwia Bilska, General Manager of Edenred Poland and Magdalena Bezulska, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Term. All panelists concur: things are changing but not fast enough! At the current pace, achieving full gender parity in Europe remains a distant goal, projected to take 67 more years.