The IT Leaders Roundtable in Prague with Senta Cermakova, Andrea Hepnerova, Martin Triska, Roman Cabalek and Vit Subert

Senta Cermakova, Philippe Riboton and Vit Subert

HR Partners’ CEO roundtables offer a unique opportunity for business leaders to network and exchange ideas on topics of particular interest to their industry. On December 13th, 2019 we organized in Prague an exceptional roundtable with five key figures from the IT and innovation area in the Czech Republic in order to discuss current challenges in the tech sector. Participants included Senta Cermakova, director of Brand and Strategic Innovation at Deloitte, Andrea Hepnerova, ex-Managing Director at SAP Services, Martin Triska, Vice-President of Product Management at Social Bakers, Vit Subert, co-founder and CEO of UP 21 incubator and Roman Cabalek, ex General Manager of Microsoft Czech Republic. An inspiring and friendly moment to exchange thoughts and ideas on the sourcing of IT professionals for development or outsourcing operations in Central Europe as well as the career alternatives of senior leaders in the IT market place.